A program of exhibitions, readings, residencies, performances, lectures, workshops, and community actions.

A number of regional non-profit organizations, in partnership with the Princeton University Art Museum and other University units, will investigate the far-reaching theme of migrations across our community from February to May 2018. Participating organizations will explore the theme as it best fits their mission and programmatic focus. Thus, migrations may refer to the physical movement of people, animals, goods, or even ideas across the planet. Among the likely discussions are immigration and the seasonal migrations of workers in the increasingly global economy of labor; the historical movements of peoples in response to famine, war, or economic crisis; and the seasonal migrations of various species.

What all these meditations will share is an attention to the implications of such movements and how they change over time.  How do cultural and intellectual exchanges shape human activities? What are the consequences for humans, animals, and plant species of displacement, environmental change, or natural disasters? How do visual and literary artists grapple with these themes? How do the arts more unconsciously reflect such exchanges/changes? How do migrations impact the human need for community in the face of constant, and sometimes radical, change?

These timely and important questions have gained new weight against the backdrop of current debates surrounding immigration and climate change, and afford a compelling opportunity for organizations across our area—from cultural institutions to social service agencies—to come together in shaping a set of community conversations.

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